Precision Agriculture
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More information yields better decisions.

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Through drone-based sensors and analytics, Prairie Rotors provides a complete solution that empowers growers to more effectively manage their crops.


Quickly Determine Crop Health

Specialized infrared and multispectral data can identify areas of the crop or vineyard that are stressed.

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Pinpoint Irrigation Issues

Our team uses specialized sensors that identify areas which are getting more or less water than others as well as irrigation leaks.

Increase Crop Yields

Unmanned Aerial Inspection data helps managers target their crop maintenance activities to increase crop yields.

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Determine Crop Maturity

Instead of walking the fields or vineyard rows, managers get a birdseye view of the entire crop to determine what sections are ready for harvest.

Identify Crop Damage

Aerial imagery of crops, fields and vineyards help identify damage after storms to help target recovery efforts and estimate damages.

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Monitor Crops Over Time

Repeated unmanned aerial inspections allow managers to monitor and measure the improvements made to crops and vineyards.

Drone Usage by Season

The following non-crop-specific overview shows the different ways in which a drone can be used to provide accurate, on-demand data throughout the year.

Note: some farming operations may not follow the exact timeline below due to differences in crop type, region, tillage system, treatment or fertilizer strategy.

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